John-Richard Featured in the 2019 TULSA DESIGNER SHOWCASE

Harwelden Mansion 2Harwelden Mansion, the epicenter for the arts in Tulsa, Oklahoma, was the venue for the 2019 Designer Showcase. Local interior designers transformed the interior to benefit the Foundation for Tulsa Schools. Both Kirkendall Design and Matters of Design featured John-Richard pieces in their exceptional rooms.


Astral Four-Door Buffet • Glacier Bay I & II • Islamorada Blue Glass Table Lamp


Acrylic and Brass Six-Light Chandelier • Quartz Daisy I, II, & III • Selenite Nest
Windowpane Selenite Photo Frame • Floating Discs Buffet Lamp • Jackie Ellens’ New Growth
Set of Two Contemplation



This dining room, with its subtle grey tones and clean lines, is the epitome of modern elegance.  Designed by Alina Makurina, this space features great architectural details, sophisticated sheer window treatments and beautiful flooring.

Our Brass and Glass Teardrop Chandelier, with its organically formed brass branches dripping with hand-blown glass teardrops, adds a touch of romance to the room.

Design Stars of Instagram

We love these Instagram images, all of which stood out for exceptional design, use of color and exquisite details. We would like to thank all the designers who incorporated John-Richard product into such beautiful settings.

traditions of charlotte_domain interiors_sweet design studio

We are constantly inspired by the creativity seen on the social media accounts of the those in the design community.
baige 58_sean stelmaszuk_clark and clark



Inspirational Quote

Design by Studio Peregalli

“Decor for us is always a balance between beauty, psychology, objects, and the clients’ lives, a home should make you feel something.”

–  Satori Rimini –

About the Designers:

Studio Peregalli is a design company founded by famous interior design duo Roberto Peregalli and Laura Sartori Rimini. The firm is known for creating exquisite interiors by layering classic enchantments into their design projects. They studied under the tutelage of Lorenzo Mongiardino who in addition to an illustrious career in architecture, won an academy award for film production design. Notable clients include Hamish Bowles, editor-at-large for American Vogue and Pierre Bergé, co-founder of the Yves Saint Laurent fashion house. Peregalli Studio is on the 2018 Architectural Digest 100 list, an outstanding recognition for interior design

To learn more about these exceptional designers, read the article below that appeared in Architectural Digest:

Natural Movement: Boughs, Branches and Birds

Birds and Branches

The changing seasons bring a renewed appreciation of nature, clean rustling branches and more solitary birds. All of these signal an approaching winter. These accessories, some with a more spring-like appearance and others with a more pared-down silhouette, recreate movement or natural beauty. From decorative fire screens to sculptural accessories and charming accents, each piece will bring a little of the outdoors inside.


Three Questions with Stacy Garcia

Stacy Garcia HeadshotAn established leader in the world of design, Stacy Garcia is a successful creative entrepreneur and founder of multiple business enterprises: LebaTex, Inc., a distinctive textile supplier and Stacy Garcia, Inc., a licensing firm and design house. The designer’s global lifestyle brands add a well-traveled and sophisticated edge to the ever-evolving world of fashion and interiors. Stacy was voted one of the 10 leading voices in the hospitality industry and honored by ASID for Design Excellence. Her work has been featured in Interior Design, Boutique Design, New York Spaces, LUXE, Rue Daily and Architectural Digest.

We recently had an opportunity to chat with Stacy about design, color, lighting and art.

What are key differences between residential and hotel or resort design? Typically, hotel design features larger scales and bolder colors while residential design uses a much more neutral color palette with transitional pieces that are easy to live with. With that being said, I’m seeing a lot of cross pollination between the two. Hotels are toning it down with softer colors and contemporary pieces to create a design that is more approachable and makes guests feel more at home. Residences on the other hand are turning to elevated design to give off a luxury hotel-inspired appeal that they can enjoy in the comfort of their own home.

What are your favorite color palettes and why? My favorite color palette is always changing! As a trend forecaster, I’m constantly looking ahead to see what colors will be influential in upcoming years, and that determines the palette that I use when developing products. Right now, I’m in to variations of nature-inspired greens paired with earthy tones and neutrals, influenced by the botanical trend. This trend focuses on greenery infused spaces with plant inspired products as our desire to become more closely connected with nature grows.

Designed by Stacy Garcia

How do you layer in lighting and art into the overall room design? I look at lighting and art as similar accents in a room to add in elements of personality into a space. I absolutely love utilizing sculptural lighting because not only does it light up the room, but it also functions as a beautiful art piece. Choosing artwork that complement the lighting’s style will reinforce the look you’re going for while adding fun pops of color to your space.

To learn more about this talented designer, visit

Make sure to follow Stacy on her social channels:
Facebook: stacygarciabrand
Twitter: @StacyGarciaInc
Instagram: @stacygarciaince
Pinterest: Stacy Garcia Inc

Mark McDowell: Bridging Art and Design

Mark McDowell Lifestyle ShotMark McDowell is an artist and designer who thrives on the classic, is obsessed by nature and is seduced by the beauty in the details. Mark’s Japanese heritage influences his design in taking a mindful approach to his aesthetic, transcending convention and the ordinary. Now, enhancing his impressive collections of exclusive furniture and lighting designs for John-Richard, Mark is returning to his love of painting.

Although Mark was formally trained at KCAI and the Columbus School of Art & Design, he is primarily self-taught and tells stories of how he started his sculpting “career” at the age of three, sculpting wild animals such as bears out of mud. He remembers as a child sitting in a field at his farm and painting the local landscape, never mindlessly ‘drawing, there was intent in everything he did. Expect if you’re talking to Mark and ask him to explore or elaborate on any given subject he will often respond with, “here, let me draw it for you”.

(Left) Mark McDowell at work in the John-Richard Studio in Greenwood, MS (Right) Breakpoint Pass

We asked Mark to speak about what inspires him when painting and the contrast between designing product and creating art.

How does creating art differ from designing product? A spark of inspiration starts it all. Product is three dimensional and utilitarian, art is two dimensional and for visual enjoyment. You must consider spatial relations when designing furniture and lighting and its primary function. Art is all about creating a composition within a particular format and its primary function is to please the eye. Art develops itself and is creating itself in the moment. Designing product is a process, it’s creative but strategic as well. It also takes teamwork and study. Painting is just me in that moment.

Did you paint before and how have you evolved as an artist? I have always painted and was an artist before becoming a product designer. Illustration and painting are my true loves when it comes to art. It was and is the foundation of everything I do. I am old school and still do everything manually. We are all a reflection and product of our times, as the world changes, we change.

What inspires you when you paint? It is like an interactive dance, zoning out and going with the flow. Applying paint, removing paint, working up close, working far away, mark making, the combination of color and scale, and the actual application are all inspiring to me. Not ever allowing the art to become too precious that it cannot morph and change. Being brave and trusting your instincts. The dynamic of the process inspires me. That I know that people are getting enjoyment and appreciation from my art is inspiring.

Some of Mark’s exceptional new art works have also been featured on his furniture designs. The painting ‘Solstice’, an abstract interpretation of a summer storm bathed in shades of the sea, also graces the door fronts of the Solstice Sideboard. The set of  Wall Panels with a unique collage of cirus gold mirror are also seen on the Cumulus Cabinet.

Cumulus Cabinet and Cumulus Wall Panels
Solstice Sideboard and Solstice

The Maxwell Console Graces the Pages of House Beautiful!

group of imagesBathing Beauty, the term the magazine uses to describe this master bathroom retreat is an apt one. The John-Richard Maxwell Sofa Console takes center stage in this modern, elegant space. The console has a slender steel frame finished in old gold and features three tempered glass shelves. The designer has beautifully styled the piece with plush towels and accessories.

An ideal surrounding for rest and relaxation!


The John-Richard Showroom Lobby

lobby 5

The lobby of the John-Richard High Point Showroom this April showcased furniture and lighting designs as well as art by Mark McDowell. The visual effect was that of a luxurious penthouse curated by the most culturally refined collector. The combination of warm woods, textural finishes and stunning art motifs on glass, gave a cohesive chicness to the setting

These new introductions had a subtle Asian feel and there are other global influences like the Moroccan patterns on the door fronts of the Almeria Sideboard. The design aesthetic was like an art gallery with complimentary, coveted pieces that are not overly matched. There was a common theme of artistic geometry as seen in the embellishments and rich, sensuous finishes.

The Forest & The Trees

ForestAs winter fades at the advent of spring, people are yearning for the soothing greenery of plants. Adding botanicals to your interiors is a perfect way to introduce nature into the home. Trees give us a feeling of being more connected to the landscape. Here are a selection of John-Richard trees that will bring a richness to any room.

forest jrbs