Three Questions with Stacy Garcia

Stacy Garcia HeadshotAn established leader in the world of design, Stacy Garcia is a successful creative entrepreneur and founder of multiple business enterprises: LebaTex, Inc., a distinctive textile supplier and Stacy Garcia, Inc., a licensing firm and design house. The designer’s global lifestyle brands add a well-traveled and sophisticated edge to the ever-evolving world of fashion and interiors. Stacy was voted one of the 10 leading voices in the hospitality industry and honored by ASID for Design Excellence. Her work has been featured in Interior Design, Boutique Design, New York Spaces, LUXE, Rue Daily and Architectural Digest.

We recently had an opportunity to chat with Stacy about design, color, lighting and art.

What are key differences between residential and hotel or resort design? Typically, hotel design features larger scales and bolder colors while residential design uses a much more neutral color palette with transitional pieces that are easy to live with. With that being said, I’m seeing a lot of cross pollination between the two. Hotels are toning it down with softer colors and contemporary pieces to create a design that is more approachable and makes guests feel more at home. Residences on the other hand are turning to elevated design to give off a luxury hotel-inspired appeal that they can enjoy in the comfort of their own home.

What are your favorite color palettes and why? My favorite color palette is always changing! As a trend forecaster, I’m constantly looking ahead to see what colors will be influential in upcoming years, and that determines the palette that I use when developing products. Right now, I’m in to variations of nature-inspired greens paired with earthy tones and neutrals, influenced by the botanical trend. This trend focuses on greenery infused spaces with plant inspired products as our desire to become more closely connected with nature grows.

Designed by Stacy Garcia

How do you layer in lighting and art into the overall room design? I look at lighting and art as similar accents in a room to add in elements of personality into a space. I absolutely love utilizing sculptural lighting because not only does it light up the room, but it also functions as a beautiful art piece. Choosing artwork that complement the lighting’s style will reinforce the look you’re going for while adding fun pops of color to your space.

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