The Magical World of Teng Fei

JRO-2721 JRO-2850Long Jingchuang, who is known by the name Teng Fei in the art world, received a degree in Fine Arts from the Jiuyi College in 1995. In 1998, Teng Fei began his career as a professional artist in Shanghai. During his stay in Shanghai, he studied both traditional Chinese and Western-style art and techniques. The artist continues to meld history and cultural elements into his contemporary concepts, thus forming his own unique style of painting.

Teng Fei transports us to a dreamlike space where we see polo ponies in a myriad of colors, feel charmed among golden butterflies, walk among the citizens of a European city, or simply enjoy the clouds or silver tones of tree branches reflected. What joy there is to be found in his paintings!

The work of Teng Fei has been included in prestigious collections both in Hong Kong and Singapore and his spectacular art has been purchased by collectors worldwide. John-Richard offers an extensive selection of the artist’s paintings in many genres.

“Teng Fei creates some of the most diverse and beautiful pieces for John-Richard. The use of color, texture and media, including varieties of metal leaves, results in stunning works of art for our customer,” enthuses MaryNeff Stewart, Senior Wall Art Designer for John-Richard.

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